Do you want to inform your future wedding guests about your marriage? We used to do it by using some invitations with very detailed informations. However, some couples in Ireland prefer practising „save the date”. What is the difference between that form of plan and traditional invitations?

No detailed predictions

In invitations, brides inform their family and friends about the place and date of wedding. If they decide to replace them with „save the date” cards or some modest gifts, they usually decide to mention about the date of wedding. It allows the quests to book a free weekend early enough.

Save the date in Ireland

Did people encourage to save the date Dublin inhabitants? Yes, of course! This kind of informing about planned marriage is popularized by celebrities, actors, singers and other famous people. We can read about it in magazines, interviews. Some people share informations about „save the date” in their social media, for example: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. They also share photos and films with it, and that’s sometimes really helpful for other, younger couples.

Please, help! I’m a future bride and I need some inspirations!

What is the perfect idea for „save the date”? There’s no only one, good recipe for every couple. We can find inspirations from anywhere. If our darling is a footballer, why don’t we send a little ball for everyone? There’s no one, certain style, or even a shape of „save the date”. We can decide about thing, which will be used in our „save the date”: the subtitles, headlines, fonts, colors and photos… Our personalized gift for people we want to see at our wedding will be pretty cool, if we put our hearts and minds in it. It’s not really hard, but if we need some help, we can ask our friends and family for it. The network will also quickly give us some inspirations and ideas to use easily. We can find a lot of Irish couples, who decided to share their project with all users of network. Searching in websites like Tumblr or Pinterest should bring you some briliant ideas, which you can personalize and send to your future guests!

Is this a good idea?

If you are in love with tradition, you rather won’t like the idea of „save the date”, but it may replace the invitations soon. Your guests will be happy, if date of your wedding won’t be a surprise.